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Abrahadabra: The Evolution of a Universal magick Word

Of all of the magick words the one that is probably best known is abracadabra. This generic word of power that is invoked by prestidigitators to bring their magic tricks to their culminations has a long history with far more esoteric beginnings. It is also an excellent example of how modern Hermetic magicians have re-crafted an old magick to fit a contemporary discipline. Continue reading

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Elemental Fallacies

The boom in occultism that has occurred in the last half a century or so is largely superficial and so its grasp on the concept of the Elements generally tends to reflect this. The apparent accessibility of this fundamental set of symbols sees the Elements being employed without instruction in what they actually are. The literature of modern witchcraft is especially susceptible to the most basic misapprehension of the Elements as being something outside of ourselves. Continue reading

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Making a Connection with Your Magick

The importance of the magick or object link has been understood since ancient times as being something that connects the magician to the object of their magick. Possessing some tangible connection with another person made it possible to influence them by the subtle forces of magick. To the mind of an ancient scholar this was a scientific method of magick, an accepted and vital part of all sorcery and one that came to be taken for granted so thoroughly that modern occultists are rarely aware of its importance. Continue reading

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Preparation for Travelling on the Astral Planes

Put simply, learning to use the astral body is a trick; there is a knack to learn. The trick to transferring awareness to the astral body is different enough for everyone that there is no set lesson or practice to achieve it and the best that any teacher can do is to help you find your knack for opening your astral eyes. Descriptions of the process are arbitrary at best and all that we can do is to describe what it is “like”. Continue reading

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