XXI The World

XXI The World

XXI The World

The final and twenty-second Trump in the Tarot deck is XXI The World. This card depicts a goddess floating in the heavens holding a flaming rod in each hand and clothed by a veil to represent the All Mother and the polarity of her created universe, which is only partially apprehensible to us. She is surrounded by a green wreath to indicate the temporal nature of material existence and in the four corners of the card are the four kerubic emblems; man, an eagle, a bull and a lion to indicate that the card shows the point of manifestation of energy into the sphere of the elements.

The World is attributed to the Hebrew letter Tau, a cross, which is a symbol of the elements becoming manifest materially. It occupies the lowest path on the Tree of Life which connects Yesod, the essential world of formation, with Malkuth, the material world, which corresponds to Saturn and indicates that The World is bound by temporal restrictions.

Traditionally, The World is interpreted as the end of a matter but it can also indicate the materialization of an outcome and even a material event like an inheritance. As the most material Trump card its influence materializes all of the cards associated with it in a spread and it should be interpreted as a physical effect.

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