The Magick Weapons and the Elements part 5

thoth ace of disks

The Magick Disk

The Magick Weapons of Earth

The weapons that correspond to the Element Earth are the most passive implements used by the magician and are generally designed to receive the force of the operation. The primary weapon of Earth is the Magick Disk or Pantacle which is usually a circle made of beeswax which has the five pointed star, the pentagram, inscribed on one side and the colors of Malkuth on the other. Beeswax is a basic hydrocarbon and symbolizes the foundation of all organic life while the pentagram represents the magician in his elemental, temporal form. In this way the Magick Disk is connected to all of the other weapons used by the magician as it represents his macrocosm as it is manifest in his environment the Sphere of the Elements. The form of the Magick Disk is repeated in the Paten upon which the eucharist is placed and which is counterpoint to the magickal function of the Magick Disk as a shield. This makes the Magick Disk the symbol of the foundation from which all magickal action begins as well as the vehicle for redemption that results from the performance of that Great Work.

The Salt is the most material representative of the Element Earth in the Magick Circle. It is often used in conjunction with the water in the Magick Cup to purge the Magick Circle as a precursor to performing the banishings. Salt is the consummate symbol of Earth as it is inert, crystalline and essential to life. As the water is related to the wine so the salt is related to the bread that is used as the eucharist in operations of pure white magick. Bread, the staff of life, corresponds to the agricultural Virgo and represents the nourishing power of Earth. For the purpose of ceremonial magick it is usual to use the Cakes of Light in place of bread and it serves the purpose of the eucharist in just the same way.


The Hermit

Hermetic magick is focused on the passage of the Light through the Magick Temple and the Path of the Neophyte through the outer temple follows that path symbolically as it leads to his apprehension of the Light, personified in the form of his Holy Guardian Angel. In the Golden Dawn this guide is represented in the temple by the Kerux who leads the candidate from the darkness to the light and who carries a lamp to light the way and a staff to guide his steps. These implements will be familiar to many from the Tarot Atu IX The Hermit which corresponds to Virgo and so to the element Earth. At first these weapons may appear to be fiery as the lamp contains a flame and the staff is a long wand. The Lamp of the Kerux is the practical working light in the temple and corresponds to the magician’s focus on immediate details within a temporal frame and the light that is within it is the symbol of the consciousness that drives and directs that focus so while the flame is fiery its vehicle, being temporal, is material. The Staff, unlike the wand, is not an active and offensive weapon even though it resembles a spear or a pike but rather it is the support that the will renders to the physical work of traversing the Path. The Magick Staff is a material symbol of the one True Will that the magician aspires to in his Great Work.


The Magick Sickle

Similarly, the Magick Sickle might at first appear to be a weapon of Air but its function is to reap the results of what has been sown by the magician and it lacks the discrimination of a truly airy weapon. The Sickle is most correctly attributed to Saturn who, as Father Time, measures out the temporal universe and regulates its cycles but the correspondence with the natural cycles of Earth make it a symbol of the finite nature of all material things.

The most conceptual weapons of Earth are those that express the physical energy of the element. The Labor of Preparation, attributed to Taurus, is all of the physical effort that has gone into composing the ceremony and arranging the temple for the operation at hand. These labors represent the work of the Great Work and take into account the physical exertions of the magician as a vital implement that has been pressed into the service of magick. More subtle is the Secret Force that lies at the heart of the magician and corresponds to Capricorn. This is the ambition and the passion of the magician and at its heart it corresponds to Harpocrates, the Child God of Silence and Secrecy the Magick Power of Earth.

Because it is the record of his operations the Magick Book or Diary is a pantacle of the magician’s Great Work and so it corresponds to the element Earth. When the magician uses the Magick Pen to write in his Magickal Journal he symbolically impresses his will upon his physical form and so as he writes the words of the ceremony in his Magick Book he is also writing it into himself and making it a part of his True Will. The Holy Book of the Temple is also a Pantacle or a talisman that represents the Divine Will but it more correctly corresponds to Spirit than to Earth in spite of the obvious parallel.

the magick circle

The Magick Circle of Ankh af na Khonsu

The ultimate weapon of ceremonial magick is also the supreme magick weapon of Earth, the Magick Circle and Triangle. With all of the furnishings and implements in their places the Magick Circle is a symbol of the magician and viewed in this light the Magick Disk is really secondary to it as a Weapon of Earth. Just as the Magick Circle represents the entirety of what makes up the magician its counterpart the Magick Triangle represents the things outside of himself that he is seeking. As the Triangle is the place where that which is adverse to the magician is materially restrained it calls upon the Saturnian quality of temporal impermanence as its source of power over spiritual forces.

Commonly the focus of a ceremony of magick will be a talisman of some sort often referred to as the candidate as in most operations the first matter will pass through the temple along the path that is shown to the candidate for initiation. This candidate is referred to as “Creature of Earth” by the magician in an echo of the address of the Hierophant in the Temple of the Elements, identifying the talsimata as implements of the element Earth.

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