The name of four letters, Tetragrammaton comes to magick from the Pentateuch and represents the pure divine force expressed in the elemental forms. The Qabalah of this venerable name is instructive as to its essential meaning and its practical application. יהוה, Yod He Vau He, is the so called unpronounceable name of God but is often rendered as Yahweh, Jehovah, Yeehowah and a number of corruptions of these. The name has a Gematric value of 10+5+6+5=26 which as 13×2 represents the reflection of the unity of the macrocosm in the individuality of the microcosm. Its Yetzirac attributions connect it to the Hermit, the Star and the Hierophant in the Tarot linking it with the perception of the inner light that guides us in the right path by its incalculable influence and inspiration. Yod is the hand of god and He is a window whereby the light enters our lives, while Vau, is the nail which fastens us to the discipline. The most vital correspondence of the letters of Tetragrammaton is the connection to the elements which appear in the name in their active progressive form. Yod is Fire, the Father who makes his impression upon He, Water and the Mother. The result of the union of Fire and Water is Air, the Son and simultaneously He (final), Earth and the Daughter. Taken together these attributes render a divine name that connects the individual to the divine consciousness, calling the hand of god to instruct and direct material action by drawing the divine consciousness down from the perfect ideal of Fire in Atziluth, the Formative World to Assiah, the world of matter and so it includes all four worlds of the Holy Qabalah.

Tetragrammaton then is the seminal formula of all magick, regardless of the discipline or school of magick, as it marks the logical steps to invoke the divine consciousness into the mortal, material consciousness and all other formulae of High Magick are derived from it. For this reason it is called the Formula of the Wand and forms the template pattern for all ceremonial performances whatsoever. The use of the elements and their connection with the cardinal directions derive from this sublime formula which is used with great efficacy even by those who don’t fully understand its complexities. Its primary use in ceremonial magick is as the template for the construction of all invocations most especially the Primary invocation that is central to all correctly composed ceremonies.

Ceremonial invocations all follow a strict development in their composition that begins at the highest point, corresponding to Yod of the formula, by identifying the god that is being invoked. The physical attributes of the god are rehearsed until a perfectly clear image of the divinity is established and then the most characteristic utterance is recited to complete the identification with the divine consciousness completely.

In the second portion of the invocation, expressed by He, the magician speaks as the god, declaring the powers and dominion of the divinity and directing them to do the work of the god in the ceremony at hand. In some respects this is the apex of the ceremonial performance as the perfect identification with the god is the supreme work of the ceremony but in order to fulfill the oaths of the rite the magician moves on and with a great effort of will discriminates himself from the divine consciousness.

In the third portion then, attributed to the Vau of Tetragrammaton, the magician claims the power of the invoked force as their own, making a clear distinction between what id god and what is magician. From this place of empowerment the magician moves on to the final portion of the invocation, corresponding to the final He in Tetragrammaton and directs the material world with the voice of the god, empowered to do the divine’s will, which has been already equated with the individual’s True Will, in the material world.

An excellent example is the Invocation of Thoth from Liber LXIV (Israfal)- Equinox Vol. 1, n7, p 21-27:

Invocation to Thoth

I invoke Tahuti, the Lord of Wisdom and of Utterance, the god that cometh forth from the veil.
O Thou! Majesty of Godhead! Wisdom crowned Tahuti! Lord of the Gates of the World! Thee, Thee I invoke!
O Thou of the Ibis head! Thee, Thee I invoke!
Thou Who weildest the Double Wand of Power; Thee, Thee I invoke!
Thou Who bearest in Thy left hand the Rose and Cross of Light and Life; Thee, Thee I invoke!
Thou Whose head is as an emerald, and Thy nemyss as the Night-sky blue; Thee, Thee I invoke!
Thou Whose skin is of flaming orange as though it burned in afurnace!  Thee, Thee I invoke!

Behold! I am Yesterday, Today and the Brother of Tomorrow!
I am born again and again! Mine is the unseen force whereof the Gods are sprung! Which is as Life unto the Dwellers in the Watch Towers of the Universe.
I am the Charioteer of the East, Lord of the Past and of the Future.  I see by mine own inward light, Lord of the Ressurection, Who cometh forth from the dusk, and My birth is from the House of Death.
O ye two divine hawks upon your pinnacles! Who keep watch over the Universe, Ye Who company the Bier to the House of Rest! Who pilot the Ship of Ra advancing onwards to the heights of Heaven.  Lord of the Shrine which standeth in the center of the Earth!

Behold, He is in me and I in Him!  Mine is the radiance wherein Ptah floateth over the firmament!  I travel upon high!  I tread upon the firmament of Nu!  I raise a flashing flame with the lightning of mine eye!  Ever rushing on in the splendor of the daily glorified Ra: giving My Life to the Dwellers of the Earth.
If I say “Come up upon the mountains!” The Celestial Waters shall flow at My Word, for I am Ra incarnate!  Khepera created in the flesh!  I am the eidolon of My Father, Tmu, Lord of the City of the Sun!  The God Who Commands is in My mouth!  The God of Wisdom is in My heart!  My tongue is the Sanctuary of the Truth!  And a god sitteth upon My lips.
My Word is accomplished every day! And the desire of my heart realizes itself, as that of Ptah when He createth His works!  I am eternal!  Therefore all things are as My designs, therefore do all things obey My Word

Therefore do Thou come forth to me from Thine abode in the Silence.  Unutterable wisdom!  All-Light!  All Power!
Thoth! Hermes! Mercury! Odin!
By whatever name I call Thee, Thou art still nameless to eternity: Come Thou forth I say, and aid me and guard me in this Work of Art!  Thou Star of the East, that didst conduct the Magi!  Thou art the same, all present in heaven and in hell!  Thou that vibratest between the Light and the Darkness!  Rising; descending! Changing ever, yet ever the same!  The Sun is Thy father! Thy Mother the Moon!  The wind hat borne Thee in its bosom, and Earth hath ever nourished the changeless godhead of Thy youth.

Come thou forth, I say Come thou forth and follow me: and make all Spirits subject unto Me so that every Spirit of the Firmament, and of the Ether, upon the Earth and under the Earth: on dry Land, or in the Water: of Whirling Air or of rushing Fire, and every Spell and scourge of God, may be obedient unto me!

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