I The Magician

The second of the Tarot Trumps is the Magician. This card is an image of a Magus standing at his altar upon which are his four magick weapons that correspond to the four lesser suits of the Tarot; the Wand, the Cup, the Sword and the Pantacle. These weapons are the emblems of the powers of the magician, the Powers of the Sphinx; to know, to will, to dare and to keep silence, by which he controls the forces of the universe.

The Magician corresponds to the path of Beth on the Tree of Life which connects Kether (1) with Binah (3) making this card the counterpoint to the Fool and the Magician thus represents intelligently articulated creation yet without material context. The Magician makes his changes on an essential, non-material level. This card corresponds to Mercury and so it is at base an image of Thoth creating the initial forms out of the primeval void and directing the order of the created universe.

The Mercurial correspondence of this card gives the Magician the general interpretation of learning, science, language, commerce, academia, diplomacy, communication and of course magick. If it is well dignified it indicates intelligence intelligence and logic applied effectively and perhaps quickly. If it is poorly placed in a spread the Magician can indicate illusion, trickery and deceit. Commonly this card is a prediction of important messages or correspondence or, alternatively, it may indicate travel.

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